Bogaerts + Lasure

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Here are some video’s in duo with (and recorded by) Erik Bogaerts. He was one of my first teachers, he taught an ensemble class that kind of became a band: TACALAN, after that we decided to play a bit in duo and i am very happy for that.


For my bachelor exam at the conservatory of Brussels i played a concert with a new band and with new material written by me. I had to play a rhythm change and a blues, so i wrote tunes that kind of have the base or the idea of these two structures. I am very happy to have in the band: Sam Comerford – tenor sax, Erik Bogaerts – alt sax and (of course) Casper Van De Velde on drums.

And a solo tune:


We are very proud to inform you that SCHNTZL (Casper van de Velde on drums & me on keyboards) won the STORM!Contest in Oostende. This means that we will have a JazzLab tournée in 2016, a release on the W.E.R.F.Label, a wildcard to the finals of the B-jazz competition and a recidency at Vrijstaat O.